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General Use
The views and opinions expressed here at Overclockers Pulse are that of their respective owner and do not necessarily coincide with OCPulse staff. This site is a “loose-use” site which allows all users to express their opinions in a respectable manner so long as there are no violations of the sites main rules. If you feel you cannot abide by the rules please leave the site now.
All review products are provided by A) Site sponsors B) End Users. All products reviewed by the Overclockers Pulse are generally kept by the reviewer. If you wish to have your item returned to you, you must do so by providing explicit instructions that the item is to be returned, and a method of returning the item. Overclockers Pulse will not pay for return shipping so return shipping labels must be provided in the event that an item needs to be returned after reviewing. Overclockers Pulse is not responsible for any damages that may occur to an item during shipping, during review testing, or during possible return shipping. We here at OCPulse put all products for review through extreme testing measures to ensure that only the most accurate and highest grades of reviews are given to our users. No deals can be made with review product companies for “positive reinforced marketing”. If a product fails to meet our standards of quality in a review, it will be so noted.
All images posted on reviews for Overclockers Pulse that are marked with the Overclockers Pulse watermark are copyright to this site and this site only and cannot be reproduced or copied. If you feel you have a reason to use our images, you should contact site administration FIRST and foremost for permission to use the image. If you are posting a link to an article on our site elsewhere, you are allowed to do so as long as the Overclockers Pulse watermark remains intact.
All advertising through our site is done through either Google Ad Banners, or the OCPulse flat rate advertising program. Official site sponsors* are automatically enrolled for free advertising using any single ad banner location in the flat rate advertising program. Any extra ad banners required will be extra through our flat rate advertising program. All ad banners provided through the OCPulse ad banner program be it free or paid, are subject to intense scrutiny to ensure that the banner, and the site linked to the banner fall within our rules and guidelines of our own site. Should an ad banner violate these rules under any circumstances, you are subject to have your ad banner removed without warning and without recourse. Paid ad banners that have been removed for violations of site rules will not be refunded.
Necessary Disclosure
The necessary disclosure of any information to third parties will be governed by the following principles:

  1. Where required to do so by law and any order of the court.
  2. Where it is necessary to identify anyone who may be violating the rights of others or the law in general.
  3. Where OCPulse intends to co-operate with the investigation of any alleged unlawful activities without being required to by virtue of any court order or other legal requirement.
  4. Where it is necessary to protect the rights of Overclockers Pulse.


Security/Personal Information

All personal information collected on this site is strictly for use regarding this site. Your personal information will never be disclosed for any other reason with the exception of the aforementioned reasons listed above under “Necessary Disclosure”.

Policy Changes

All information regarding Rules, Advertising, Disclaimer, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy’s are subject to change with or without warning at any given time.

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