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“For users, by Users” the single thought behind the creation of Overclockers Pulse. More and more these days you hear of skeptical reviews coming from larger computer performance sites which seem to only satisfy the company they are reviewing for. It is with that in mind that we created this site, to bring reviews to the people, by the very people that read them, you, the computer performance user.

Here at OCPulse we encourage you to express your opinion (please, follow site rules when doing so) in any aspect, be it a particular product, a company in general, or just a general thought about something relating to the field. We also encourage users to review products of their own and bring them to the people here. To give people true and realistic facts about a item and let other users express how they feel about it as well.

We are also a free site here, with a “No Pop-Ups” policy. We encourage new products and advertising so that all users may have the latest information regarding up and coming products and events. However, we will never force advertising on the user, which is why we adopted our “No Pop-Up’s” policy, all of our advertising is done through ad banners and signatures and avatars via our forums, nothing more, nothing less. There are also no subscription fees to join the community here, so feel free to sign up and experience all we have to offer. The only fee’s we do charge are that for specific advertising to assist companies in getting the word out there, these fees we collect for that advertising are for the express purpose of keeping this site running, and keeping it free.

So again, we thank you for visiting our site, and we hope that you enjoy it and contribute to the community. If you have any questions regarding advertising, services, or becoming one of our sponsors, please email the site administrator at admin@overclockerspulse.com.

Thank you and enjoy! -Rob “Spawne32”

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