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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare DEMO Released

A few months back i was a die hard Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter player, almost every night i played the game relentlessly. When GRAW2 was released, it improved the graphics and gameplay by virtually double. However there is one game i have been waiting for months to get my eager hands on, and that was COD4 (Call of Duty 4). Well yesterday Activision released the Single Player Demo of COD4, the internet traffic to the sites that were hosting the file for the first few hours was intense, however finally after a few hours it started showing up on some of the main sites, like Fileplanet and Fileshack. 2 Hours later the game was installed, and i got my hands on the first look of what i had been waiting for, and in a few words, it was utterly amazing. I have never seen gameplay this intense or exciting, the game litterally pulls you into it, somthing that most other games have not really ever done for me. Even with my measily 7600GT graphics card, the game ran smoother then any game i had played previously which had intense graphics, and even with the low graphics settings, the graphics looked amazing still. You have my personal recommendation for this game, everyone should download the demo and get into this kind of exciting gameplay, the likes of which i have not seen for a long long time. ~ Spawne32 Owner/Founder overclockerspulse.com

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By: Spawne32

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