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Coolink Silentator Heatsink


Coolink is not a name that most Americans are familiar with, it is a Taiwaneese based company which sells its products primarily in the European and Asian markets, and it is a rare occurrence that you will see someone in the USA sporting one of these. However you may be familiar with its cousin, Noctua, operated by the same parent company, RASCOM.

In an effort to bring more attention to euro only cooling products, we requested a sample from Coolink of their Silentator, if you don’t know the name Coolink for its heatsinks you may recognize it from the uniquely blue cooling fans they produce, with a clear translucent frame and blue fan blades. Today we will be examining their heatsink the “Silentator” in their air cooling lineup.


It took quite a few weeks to receive the package from Austria containing the Silentator, however we did receive it, and were excited to see what was inside.



The Silentator itself is very well packed, in a colorful blue and white box, my favorite colors no doubt. Let’s open that box and see what is inside.



The Silentator is a beautifully crafted heatsink, of very high construction quality, the fins were flawless out of the box, and the fans color matches it perfectly. They even took the liberty of sleeving the fan wire for you.



As you can see from the pictures above in much higher detail, the heatsink is flawless all around, a quality I have only come to expect from manufacturers who take pride in their products. Coolink is surely one of these companies.



Like with all of our heatsink reviews, we thoroughly examine the quality of the heatsink base. The Coolink Silentator had an almost near perfect base, with a close to mirror finish. Again, by far one of the highest quality bases I have seen next to products from Enzotech.



Moving in closer we examine the fan provided, it is a Coolink model SWiF-1202, which is rated for 31.7-52.9CFM at an RPM range of 900-1600 producing approximately 14-24 dBA in noise. Pretty good specifications as far as I’m concerned.



The fan mounting system is of particular note, as I found it to be exceptionally secure in comparison to other heatsinks with similar clip styles. Coolink was also kind enough to include extra fan clips for an optional push pull combination, which you can find in the retail package. However no extra fan is included.


As you can see from above, the Coolink Silentator can mount on virtually any setup you have, however some of these mounting kits are extra parts, so choose wisely, Coolink provided us with all the mounting kits expressly for this review, however we only required the LGA775 kit.



With all of our new heatsinks being tested these days, we use our “Heatsink Showdown” for comparison, using our testing rig for that review; we can gain accurate results against other heatsinks we have tested in the past.


Above you can see how the Silentator looks mounted to our Gigabyte P965 DS3 Rev3.3 motherboard, using a Q6600 quad core processor from Intel.


Our test runs for about an hour long using Prime95 as the key load bearing program, and Core Temp for thermal monitoring. Ambient room temperatures are recorded throughout the test, and the heatsink itself is remounted and retested at a minimum of 2 times for accuracy and result variations.



As you can see from our testing on the Silentator, it unfortunately does not produce awesome results. Performance was amongst the mediocre of heatsinks, scoring on par with the Scythe Infinity, a very large heatsink in comparison. It would seem that despite its superior construction quality, the size and amount of heatpipes used is quite frankly not enough to dissipate the heat produce from our Q6600 processor compared to other makes and models.


Style: 10/10 – A flat out 10/10, this heatsink is absolutely gorgeous for my style, I have contemplated long and hard about using it in my own computer just because of the sheer look.

Price: 8/10 – The Silentator has a very good price tag on it, coming in at around 40-45 US Dollars in stores we looked at, however it is rarely seen by USA retailers, and our prices come from currency conversions from European stores only.

Construction Quality: 10/10 – Another 10 for the Silentator, the construction quality is amazing on this heatsink, and I was absolutely shocked that when I pulled it out of the box, it felt sturdy, and not one fin was bent. When we examined the quality of the base, it was almost perfect.

Mounting System: 9/10 – The mounting system on the Silenator is another strong point, utilizing screws and a backplate, assuring a sturdy mount and perfect contact pressure.

Performance: 6.5/10 – Sadly the Silentator lacks some in performance, had it had more heatpipes and wider fins, it probably would have done significantly better at dissipating the heat from our Q6600.

If not for the style alone, I have to recommend this heatsink just for the sheer build quality. The thing is just absolutely perfect in comparison to other heatsinks we have looked at. However know that if you do buy this heatsink to make your setup look gorgeous, performance will be limited with larger high heat CPU’s.

Total Score: 8.7/10


By: Spawne32

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